Instagram is teeming with pictures  — polished outfits, jewelry, food, nature, cute animals — you name it, someone has Instagrammed it. #Instagrab is all about locating those enviable fashion items that we see every day as we scroll through our Instagram feeds.

Our first #Instagrab comes from the star of TLC’s “Love, Lust, or Run,” Stacy London. On May 30, 2015,  London Instagrammed a birthday present, a K Kane Customizable Graffiti Bracelet.

Screenshot of Stacy London's Instagram

Screenshot of Stacy London’s Instagram

According to the K Kane website, this bracelet can be customized “with any words, in any handwriting.” This bracelet can more than just a great addition to your jewelry wardrobe; it can be a sentimental piece engraved with the words of a loved one or a heartfelt gift to give to a friend.

The price of the piece starts at $295 and increases incrementally, based on selecting single or double-sided engraving and your desired metal type.

You saw it on Instagram first, now you know where you can #Instagrab it in real life!

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