She Leads, You Follow

Celebrities often take a leap right off the fashion ledge; they push boundaries in their fashion choices and make it look quite effortless, leaving all of us style novices to look on in awe and admiration of their flawless style.  The “She Leads, You Follow” series will examine how our favorite ladies put together their looks so we, too, can look as fashionably flawless as they do.

Our first “fashion leader” is none other than Mrs. Carter herself, Beyoncé. The Queen of the Beyhive was spotted in May wearing an orange Cushnie et Ochs top and pink DSquared2 leather shorts, which she paired with bright magenta heels and a turquoise satchel purse.

Although it seems like a fashion misstep to incorporate four distinct colors into one outfit, Beyoncé shows that it is more than possible to make such bold colors work together to create a cohesive ensemble. Here’s why this outfit works:

  1. The brightness and saturation of her shirt and shorts are equal – Both her shirt and her shorts are of the same intensity and richness, allowing them to complement each other instead of compete with each other.
  2. Her shoes are far enough away from the pink of her shorts to not compete with it – Beyoncé’s magenta shoes may be brighter than her pink shorts, but because they are equally rich in color and far enough away from her shorts, they do not compete with her shorts and make it look like she got dressed in the dark and accidentally mismatched two different shades of pink.
  3. Her turquoise bag is also of equal saturation and brightness to the other colors in her outfit – Although the turquoise seems like a random color to add to this ensemble, it breaks up the pink and orange pairing, giving it a sort of color-blocking effect. By adding an earring in a similar color, Beyoncé is able to tie in the turquoise bag to create a unified outfit.

Sounds easy enough, right? Just remember: the color you pair do not have to match, they have to go, and they should only match each other in brightness and saturation. And most of all, remember to wear it with confidence — all fashion risks look better when worn with confidence!

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