Dressed for Others’ Success

An 18-year-old British Columbia teen’s graduation dress is going viral, and not for the reasons you might think.

According to an interview with Yahoo’s Nora Crotty, Erinne Paisley crafted a dress for her high school graduation out of her old precalculus homework after one of her friends made similar a dress out of newspaper a few years prior. But Paisley’s dress had a special message written across the skirt: Paisley wrote “I received my education. Not every woman has that right.” In addition to this, Paisley inscribed “MALALA.ORG” along the ‘hemline’ of the skirt in support of Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani teen who was attacked by members of the Taliban and has become a well-known advocate for women’s education and advancement.

In her interview with Yahoo, Paisley says that she was inspired by Malala after hearing her speak at We Day UK, a “rally to help inspire young people to contribute to global change.” Once Paisley crafted her dress incorporating Malala’s message of support for women’s education, Paisley says she donated the money she would have spent on a graduation dress ($250, according to Yahoo) to the Malala Fund. In addition to this, Paisley auctioned off her dress online to benefit the fund, receiving bids as high $550.

Paisley told Yahoo that the response to her dress has been “‘amazing,'” saying, “‘I’ve gotten a lot of comments from people saying they are going to donate, or that [I’m bringing attention to] this issue that they’ve never paid much attention to. It’s been absolutely amazing to hear.'”

Erinne Paisley, you are certainly living an inspired life!

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