Hello there, my name is Nicole Funaro and I am the founder of TakeHerLead.com! Thanks for stopping by – I hope you’ve found something good to read on my site so far! I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about this brand new site that I have created.

So first, a bit about me. Ever since I was a little girl, I have always enjoyed writing. At a young age, I loved to write short stories, poems, and even songs; they weren’t very good, but I enjoyed writing them nonetheless. As I grew older, I began to even enjoy writing essays and research papers for school. It became apparent to me that I didn’t think of writing as work; writing was merely a fun challenge, a game of trying to put together the words that sounded best together. And now you find me here: a college student studying Communication and Journalism with the hopes of working in digital journalism, print journalism, or even television journalism. I guess you could say that I am passionate about journalism, huh?!

Being the journalism fanatic that I am, I decided earlier this year that it would be kind of fun to start my own website. As I walked to and from my classes, attended meetings, and did homework, I found myself daydreaming about starting a website more and more; starting a website became not just a fun thing to do, it became a goal, a stepping stone to achieving my dreams. I decided that, once I finished school for the year, I would begin my website. But what would I call it?

I tortured myself for weeks crafting a name for my website; I spent every waking second playing with words to create lists of potential names, only to scratch them off later because they didn’t sit right with me. I knew I wanted my website to focus on women’s lifestyle topics, but coming up with an all-encompassing name for such a broad topic seemed impossible; it was like I was trying to lasso the moon with a piece of dental floss!

Finally, almost by accident (as most good ideas come about), I came upon the name “Take Her Lead.” After mulling it over for a day, I decided that this was the name of my site.

But before I tell you what my website is, perhaps I should begin by telling you what my website is not. It is not me telling you what to do; I am a college student, and I certainly do not know everything, so when I say “Take Her Lead,” I certainly do not mean my lead! It is also not a celebrity tracking website or celebrity gossip site; I believe that it is much more important to seek out what we can learn from those in the public eye instead of trying to construct elaborate myths about their lives or invade their privacy.

So that brings me to what this website is. Take Her Lead is a website meant to showcase those females in the public eye that I believe we can learn from, whether it be lessons of fashion and personal style, lessons about how to get ahead in your career, or lessons about believing in yourself. This website is meant to empower, educate, excite, and entertain women; its purpose is to highlight ways in which we can live our lives to their fullest potential while also having a little bit of fun along the way.

Now that you know a little bit about me and my plans for this website, I hope that you will continue to follow my website and stick with me on this journey. If there is an article you really love, feel free to share it on social media, and be sure to follow me, Nicole Funaro, on Twitter and on Pinterest. And also be sure to follow Take Her Lead on Twitter, and be on the lookout for a Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram for Take Her Lead in the near future!



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