A Grande Statement

Yesterday, pop singer Ariana Grande posted what has been labeled by some as a “rant” on Twitter in which she passionately discusses the discrepancies in treatment between men and women, as well as how she has come to value herself as an individual.

Screenshot of Ariana Grande's

Screenshot of Ariana Grande’s “twitter rant” as found on LifeandStyleMag.com

Upon first hearing about her tweet, I didn’t know what to think about it. However, after reading her post in its entirety, I am pleasantly surprised by her words. She rather articulately expressed a lesson that can often take some years to learn: that we are valuable simply because we exist. We are not valuable because of who we are associated with or how we are viewed by others; we are enough just as we are.

I am actually glad that she tweeted such a strong message; considering that many of her followers are young girls, it can only help her young fans start to learn this valuable life lesson at an early age. Because of her post, her young followers might at least begin to think about her words and internalize their message to uncover their own value.

I hope that, going forward, Grande can become an even stronger advocate for bridging the divide in treatment between men and women; if she does, not only will she be joining the ranks of other advocates for female advancement, she will also be mobilizing her young fans into becoming the next generation of advocates.

Overall, I think Grande made a pretty ‘grand’ statement; there is certainly a lesson to be learned by men and women alike from her words.

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