She Leads, You Follow: ‘Inside Out’ Premiere Edition

The purple carpet was rolled out on Monday in Los Angeles for the premiere of the “major emotion picture” Inside Out, a film about a little girl named Riley who has to learn to manage her emotions after her family moves to a new city, leaving her to start over at a new school and make new friends.

Although Inside Out has been a highly acclaimed film, perhaps more noteworthy was the fashion on yesterday’s purple carpet. Here are just a few of THL’s favorite looks from the ladies of Inside Out:

Amy Poehler wowed in an all-blue ensemble, with the electric blue of her shoes reminiscent of the blue of her character’s hair in the film. The long lines of her dress help to elongate her frame, and by keeping her shoe simpler, their bright color doesn’t take away from her dress. What is particularly great about Poehler’s outfit is that the different shades of blue really emphasize her blue eyes and intensify their color.

Mindy Kaling‘s all-black outfit was injected with a shot of color from her bright seafoam blue Jimmy Choo pumps. The overall silhouette and proportions of Kaling’s outfit are perfect: the way the straps of her crop top cut in give her a stronger shoulder and narrower waist, and her fuller skirt pulls away from her waist, making it even tinier. And the slight high-low hemline allows us to see her gorgeous pumps!

Rashida Jones seemed to have followed suit in an equally simple outfit, wearing a black top, a black and blue pleated skirt and  funky fringed heels. Keeping the rest of the pieces in her outfit rather subdued without a tone of embellishment or accessories allowed Jones to pull off a heavier, edgier shoe without looking overdone.

Poehler, Kaling and Jones may be styled for the red (or purple) carpet, but there are elements in their looks that can apply to styling ourselves everyday. Here’s what to remember:

  1. Use color to your advantage – Just as Amy Poehler used different shades of blue to emphasize her blue eyes, you also can use color to play up your best features. Just be sure to keep in mind your skin tone (for example, if you have olive skin, the base color in your skin is yellow, so you will want to wear colors that have more of a blue base, such as fuchsia, maroon, and jade green), and your eye color (you can take Poehler’s lead and wear blue to enhance your blue eyes).
  2. Crop tops and fuller skirts are always a good idea – If you love the crop top style but are hesitant to wear it, don’t be! Kaling’s crop top look is very accessible and easy to replicate on your own: pick a more fitted crop top that stops at your natural waist. Then, pick a fuller skirt that rests right in your natural waistline; when paired with the fitted crop top, it will give you a little peek of skin without being too revealing, and it will also make your waist look tiny!
  3. Make a statement with a statement shoe – We so often hear about statement jewelry, but we never really hear about statement shoes. Rashida Jones’ shoes are the perfect example of a statement shoe, and she wore them in such a way that allowed them to really be the star of her outfit. If you are going to go for a stronger shoe, be sure to keep the rest of your outfit and accessories fairly simple to let your shoes be the star of the show.

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