She Leads, You Follow: Wendy Williams Clothing Line

If you love Wendy Williams as much as THL does, you will want to pay attention!

Earlier this year, everyone’s favorite TV hostess released her first self-titled clothing line on HSN. Although the collection only has a total of 36 items so far, each piece is reminiscent of Williams’ own to-die-for style. And what’s more: every single piece is under $90, making her effortless-chic style accessible to all. Here are just a few of our favorite pieces:

This gorgeous wrap dress was clearly crafted after Williams’ own style, as she often wears wrap dresses on her show. What is so great about this specific wrap dress is that it has a v-neck that is opens up the neckline, but is still modest enough to provide coverage. The tie on the wrap dress also cinches right at the natural waistline, creating a nice narrow waist. This dress is available on in pink (shown), classic blue, black and navy for only $59.90.

Screenshot of Wendy Williams' Wrap Dress found on

Screenshot of Wendy Williams’ Wrap Dress found on

Another great wardrobe essential from the Wendy Williams collection is this tie-front shirt. This shirt is a perfect piece to wear with more girly pieces (like the floral skirt it’s styled with that is also part of Williams’ collection!) or to wear with your favorite pair of white skinny jeans. This shirt ties right at the top of the hip, making the perfect length to provide coverage while also keeping your legline long and your waist cinched! This top comes in chambray (shown), pink and white and is available for $49.90.

Screenshot of Wendy Williams' tie front shirt, found on

Screenshot of Wendy Williams’ tie front shirt found on

Every woman needs a great pencil skirt in their wardrobe, and this one certainly fits the bill. This piped pencil skirt starts right at the natural waistline and stops at the top of the knee, accentuating all of your best assets along the way! This chic black and white option is right on trend and would look great paired with a bright blouse or a casual top (ahem, Williams’ tie-front top in chambray would be a good choice!). This gorgeous pencil skirt comes in 2 other colors in addition to the black and white option, including an all-black option and a turquoise skirt with black piping. And to make it even better, it’s on sale right now for $49.90.

Screenshot of Wendy Williams' Pencil Skirt with Piping Detail found on

Screenshot of Wendy Williams’ Pencil Skirt with Piping Detail found on

We all know how hard it is to find a well-fitting jumpsuit, but Wendy Williams solved that problem for us! Not only did she give us a great-fitting jumpsuit, she also gave it to us in a wrap style, and we all know how flattering a wrap-style anything is! Once again, the wrap style offers a modest v-neck and a cinched waistline to play up our natural curves. What is also great about this jumpsuit is that the legs of the jumpsuit are not sewn in a ‘skinny pant’ style; instead, they are sewn in a straight-leg style, with the material falling from the hip straight down to your ankle, which is universally flattering. This jumpsuit is available in cobalt (shown), black, red, snow leopard and tan leopard and is only $79.90.

Screenshot of Wendy Williams' Wrap Style Jumpsuit found on

Screenshot of Wendy Williams’ Wrap Style Jumpsuit found on

There are so many other great pieces that are part of Wendy Williams’ collection, so it was difficult to pick only four to profile! But all the pieces in her collection are equal parts body-conscious and budget friendly. And if that isn’t enough of an incentive to go purchase one of her fabulous pieces, there’s more: many of her pieces are available on what HSN calls “FlexPay,” which allows you to pay for your purchase in installments, making it just a little more affordable.

So if you love Wendy Williams and you love her style, try out a piece from her collection. And of course, send us a little “How you doin’?!” and let us know how much you love it!

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