Giving it 1000%

If Amy Schumer isn’t making headlines for one of her hilarious segments on Inside Amy Schumer, she is most likely in the news just for being her genuine, awesome self. Entertainment Tonight reported last week that Schumer photobombed a couple’s engagement photoshoot while jogging in Central Park and even stopped to take a few pictures with the pair. This week, Schumer is making headlines for leaving a pretty sizable tip to a deserving Long Island waiter.

People magazine reports that Schumer left her waiter a tip of $500 after eating a $49 meal at Peter’s Clam Bar in Long Island, New York — that’s a 1000% tip, which is nearly 50 times more than leaving the average tip of 20%, says People. 

Sources say Schumer left the hefty tip after learning that her server, Ryan, is a student who works two jobs to pay for his college tuition.

If you needed another reason to love Amy Schumer, this is it! You are truly living the inspired life, Miss Schumer, and THL loves you for it!

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