Standing Tall

Standing tall doesn’t just mean standing up straight and owning your full height. It also means owning who you are and being unapologetically yourself — at least that’s what actress Nicole Kidman has come to learn.

The Huffington Post reports that when Kidman spoke at the Women in Film’s Crystal + Lucy Awards dinner on Tuesday, she told of the “constant struggle for her to work towards accepting — and liking — her height.” She went on to urge women to “‘stand tall and never apologize for it,'” a sentiment meant to be applied not only to your stature but also to your soul.

Kidman also revealed her struggles with accepting her own power. She said, “‘”I was afraid of my own power, afraid that it would threaten people, intimidate people. And it’s a great sadness wishing to be less than you actually are. And it’s hard to take on the world when you’re constantly in a battle with yourself. I worked through it…I’m working through it.'”

But, Kidman explained that she was able to (and still works to) overcome these obstacles, learning how to be comfortable in her own skin without doubting herself or placing precedence on others’ opinions.

This speech allows us to see a side of Kidman (and probably countless other actresses and celebrities) that we do not often see – here, we see self-doubt, fear of failure, fear of judgement and attempts to overcome all of them. It shows us that even those who we consider to be the most put-together and accomplished among us also have struggles, just as we do. And out of those struggles come valuable lessons, lessons of self-worth and self-acceptance beneficial to women of all ages.

Thank you, Nicole Kidman. You are truly living the inspired life.

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