She Leads, You Follow: Demi Lovato

If you thought floral was only for spring, think again. Singer Demi Lovato proved today that floral is as much as summer print as it is a spring print, donning a strapless floral jumpsuit in yellow, purple and blue to promote her new single “Cool For the Summer” in New York City today.  The singer paired her jumpsuit with a neon pastel yellow wing satchel, an off-white high heel sandal and an orange-coral lip.

While this may look like a difficult look to pull off, there are a few tricks that make this work. Here are some tips to remember when trying to recreate Lovato’s lovely look:

  1. Designate the lead role – In Lovato’s outfit, she clearly makes her printed jumpsuit the star of the show, keeping her accessories and jewelry fairly simple. So if you decide to go for an all-over print, be sure to keep the rest of the supporting pieces of your outfit simple; this means clean lines, classic shapes and low-key jewelry.
  2. Use your print as a blueprint – Using the print in your outfit to inspire your accessories can create a cohesive, thoughtful look. Lovato showed us exactly how to do this, pulling out the yellow from her jumpsuit to wear a similar shade in her satchel and pulling out the off-white of her jumpsuit to wear the same hue in her shoes. Although this can seem like being too “matchy-matchy,” it actually makes her outfit look more complete. And since none of the color she chose to carry over into her accessories were the main colors in the print, it helped to accent those colors in a way that the print alone did not.
  3. Introduce a bold color in a subtle way – When wearing a bold, all-over print like Lovato’s, you would normally want to work with only the colors in that print. But Lovato also worked a contrasting color into her look — coral. However, she wore the coral in a lipstick, providing only a hint of the strong color so it wouldn’t compete with the rest of her look. So if you have a favorite bold lipstick shade that you want to wear with your colorful printed look, you definitely can! Just take Lovato’s lead and make sure that it is bold enough to be noticed, but soft enough to not compete with the other colors in your outfit.

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