She Leads, You Follow: Solange Knowles

Leave it to Solange Knowles to revamp the classic double-breasted pant suit. Vogue reported that the singer and famous sister of Beyoncé Knowles stepped out earlier this week to attend Kiehl’s kickoff party for Pride in a yellow and taupe colorblocked suit which she paired with a white pointy-toe pump and ruby red lip. The suit is from a line called Harbison, which touts itself as an androgynous women’s clothing line, speaking to both the “vulnerability and strength, to the hard and the soft” in all people.

Knowles breathed some life into the double-breasted suit style in a few subtle, yet important ways, so here’s what to keep an eye on if you want to recreate her look:

  1. Color can be a game-changer – By wearing the suit in a colorblocked look, Knowles is changing the overall tone of the suit, making it more fun than business-oriented. Notice, however, that she did not compromise fit or shape to achieve this more relaxed vibe; the suit is tailored to perfection, giving her a strong shoulder and defining her waistline by having the yellow in the jacket begin exactly at her natural waist.
  2. Play with contradictions – Knowles makes this look more evening and party appropriate by leaving her neckline open and showing just a peek of cleavage, which contradicts the hard lines of the exaggerated lapel and the overall connotation of a suit being strictly for ‘business.’ Playing with contradictions like ‘sexy vs. business’ or ‘sweet vs. edgy’ can help create visual interest in an outfit without having to rely on accessories and flashy details; figuring out the contradictions becomes a sort of ‘psychological accessory,’ making the outfit much more intriguing.
  3. Small details matter – If you notice, Knowles picked up on the white of the big, whimsical buttons on her blazer and carried that over into her shoes. This creates a more unified, cohesive look, allowing for white to become a sort of motif recurrent in the ensemble; even though her outfit is only three pieces (blazer, trousers and shoes), it seems like there is so much more going on because there are many small details to pay attention to and think about. Making sure that all the details of an outfit work together will make your outfit that much more pulled together, and it will leave people thinking about how you managed to put such an interesting outfit together.

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