Model Behavior

There are no limitations on true beauty — that’s what 18-year-old Madeline Stuart is teaching the world. InStyle reports that Stuart, an aspiring model with Down Syndrome, has recently been asked by athletic brand Manifesta to take part in their latest ad campaign. The Manifesta brand is built on the tenet that women deserve to not only look good but also feel good in their clothing, no matter their size, age or circumstances; in fact, their website proclaims a five-pillar goal statement that clearly presents the body-positive objective of the brand, in which Manifesta says that they believe “every woman deserves to feel sexy,” in addition to having the only valid judge of a woman be herself.

InStyle says that by incorporating Stuart into their ads, Stuart “is another step closer to changing how society and the fashion industry views those with disabilities.” Manifesta is not only aiding in this effort by featuring Stuart in their ads, they are also publicly fulfilling their ‘manifesta’ — they are showing that no matter our circumstances, we are all beautiful and deserve to feel beautiful.

And Stuart is certainly the picture of looking and feeling beautiful in her own skin (and of course in her Manifesta workout attire!). Congratulations to Madeline Stuart and to Manifesta — you are both truly inspiring!

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