Happy Fourth of July!

June flew by, and now we are already celebrating the Fourth of July! And whether you are going to a huge cookout with all of your family and friends or just hanging out on the beach, it’s important to celebrate the Fourth in style.

In thinking about what to write about Fourth of July fashion, I realized that I’ve focused a lot over the past month on what other women have been wearing and why it works, but I haven’t really talked at all about my own style. So I decided to change things up a bit today, and give you a little taste of what I will be wearing this holiday weekend; and of course, I will tell you what you can take away from my outfit so you can try a similar look for yourself!

To me, there’s nothing more American than pairing lace and chambray, so I decided to wear this fun lace muscle tank from American Eagle with one of my favorite Forever 21 purchases ever: star print chambray shorts! To bring in some red (and carry my phone!), I added a coral-red clutch from Charming Charlie and to play up the star motif, I chose to wear a white enamel star bangle (also from Charming Charlie). To complete my festive Fourth look, I decided to wear one of my favorite pairs of sandals: the Steve Madden Kammi Gladiator Sandal in gold, which I picked up from DSW.

My Fourth of July outfit!

My Fourth of July outfit!

Unfortunately, there are some pieces in my outfit that are from last summer (the shorts, clutch and bracelet), so if you love them enough to want to buy them, they are probably no longer available. But, there are some things from my outfit that you can incorporate into your Fourth of July outfit:

  1. Lace can be casual – Sometimes lace can seem like a ‘dressier’ fabric, but it can be casual too. Look for lace in more laid back cuts like a loose muscle tank (like mine from American Eagle); lace in a casual cut is the perfect combination of polished and carefree, making for a cute picnic-going outfit.
  2. All-American Chambray – Nothing says all-American girl like wearing chambray, so try incorporating a pair of chambray shorts or even a chambray shirt into your Fourth of July look. Chambray is a lightweight alternative to denim, so it’s perfect for a celebration out in the sun.
  3. Opt for stars and stripes – Star print is actually a huge trend right now, so it will be easy to find some cute star-printed shirts, shorts and accessories for the summer holiday. But if you want to be a little less literal, try either red and white stripes with subtle blue accessories or blue and white stripes with subtle red accessories. This creates not only a patriotic outfit but also a nautical look, so if you are spending your holiday out on the water this year, this would be a perfect option!

No matter how you are going to celebrate the Fourth of July, I wish you all a fun-filled day with nothing but great food, great company and great style!

Happy Fourth, my friends!



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