Clothed in Positivity

It’s hard to not overhear other shoppers’ conversations while browsing the racks and shelves of your favorite store. But what one Old Navy shopper overheard affected her in a way that she never expected.

Yahoo reports that on July 3, wedding photographer Rachel Taylor was shopping at her local Old Navy when she eavesdropped on a nearby mother and daughter’s conversation. Taylor wrote in a post on her Facebook account that the daughter “‘picked up a plus-size tank top, showed it to her mom and said, ‘Look! Me and So-and-so can fit in this tank top!'” She went on to say that the girl’s mother laughed, and replied to her daughter saying, “‘Yeah, you could! That thing is huge!’”

The object of the mother-daughter duo’s comments was a tank top that happened to be in Taylor’s size. Initially, the comments hurt Taylor; in fact, they hurt her so much that she began to cry. In her Facebook post, she wrote, “‘My husband walked me out of the store to the car. I sat in the car crying for a long time but eventually went back inside to finish my shopping.’”

However, Taylor did not let those insensitive comments cripple her; she not only went back into the Old Navy to finish shopping, she also ended up trying on the tank top and buying it, because she said she looked “fierce” in the American flag-inspired top.

Although Taylor’s post on the incident has gone viral with Yahoo reporting that the post received “90,000 likes, 5,000 comments, and 2,500 shares, the important thing is not the attention that the post garnered. The important thing is that Taylor didn’t let the snide remarks of other shoppers keep her from being her gorgeous self, and she found positivity it what could have been a negative situation.

Work it, Rachel! We think you look fierce in that tank, too!

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