When Destiny Meets Dior

What’s meant to be will always find a way — that’s what 14-year-old Sofia Mechetner recently learned.

Mechetner, a native of Israel with no previous modeling experience, strut her stuff down the runway at the Christian Dior show as the leading model during Paris fashion week, and it all wouldn’t have happened without a chance encounter with Raf Simons, the chief designer for Dior.

The Washington Post reports that Mechetner, the daughter of a single mom who slept on a broken bed and shared a room with her two younger siblings in a high-rise apartment outside of Tel Aviv, decided to pursue modeling “after being asked one too many times if she’d ever considered it.” She partnered with Tel Aviv modeling agency Roberto, who then sent her photos to the elite Viva modeling agency in Paris. Viva was initially interested in Mechetner, but when she met with the agency along with her chaperon, Viva decided she was too young to model.

After a disappointing meeting with Viva, The Washington Post says Mechetner and her chaperon engaged in a little retail therapy, visiting a Dior shop in central Paris. Once they entered the store, the pair discovered much more than couture clothing inside — Mechetner’s chaperon instead noticed chief Dior designer Raf Simons and proceeded to ask for a selfie with him. After taking a picture together, the chaperon introduced Mechetner to Simons and shared her story.

Fast forward to last week, and The Washington Post reports that Mechetner, who is already featured on Dior’s website, signed a $265,000 contract with the fashion house. When asked what she would do with the money, Mechetner told Israel’s Channel 2 news that she would “‘move house and hopefully get a room of [her] own.'”

There is certainly no stopping destiny! Congratulations, Sofia!

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