Every Body is a Bikini Body

With summer in full swing, the chances of having to wear a bathing suit in public are extremely high. But if you are feeling less than confident about your bikini body, Wear Your Voice Magazine launched a new campaign to remind you to feel confident in your own skin.

According to The Huffington PostWear Your Voice’s all-new #DropTheTowel campaign “features people of all shapes, sizes and colors” who shed the safety blankets of their beach towels to show off their swimsuit-clad bodies, all to serve as a reminder that we are beautiful just as we are.

Ravneet Vohra, founder and editor-in-chief of Wear Your Voice, told The Huffington Post that the campaign is seeking to encourage body acceptance and open body expression. By incorporating people of all body types, Vohra hopes that seeing more realistic body types will combat the perfected images we are bombarded with in the media.

Tackling the idea of the ‘perfect bikini body’ is also on the agenda for this campaign, Vohra told The Huffington Post. “‘I think we as a society have to ask ourselves this — What exactly is a ‘bikini body’ and what are we doing to perpetuate the crisis we face around the false imagery we and our younger generation are subjected to,'” Vohra said. Vohra also explained that she believes there is “‘room for change'” in our society to revise our image of the perfect bikini body.

Kudos to you, Wear Your Voice Magazine, for reminding us that every body is a bikini body!

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