Bringing #Curvy Back

Instagram is filled with full-body selfies that show off women’s curves and beautiful imperfections. But The Huffington Post reports that last week, the popular social media site announced that they “had blocked users from searching the tag ‘#curvy.'” Instagram told Buzzfeed that this was because “it was being used to share images and videos that violated Instagram’s community guidelines around nudity.”

While Instagram has blocked the hashtag for seemingly violating their guidelines, body-positive Instagram users are protesting the ban by posting photos of their beautiful, curvaceous selves, using hashtags like ‘#BringCurvyBack,’ ‘#Curvee’ and ‘#EffYourBeautyStandards.’

According to The Huffington Post, this is not the first time Instagram has run into a bit of trouble for purportedly censoring women’s bodies, but there are still questionable tags that persist on the site. The Huffington Post points out that while ‘#Curvy’ has been banned, terms like ‘#Fatf**k’ and ‘#Pussys’ can still be searched on Instagram.

But the curvaceous ladies of Instagram are not letting the ban on ‘#Curvy’ get to them. User AllasonLewis posted a selfie incorporating the #BringCurvyBack tag, writing in the caption of her photo, “‘We’re still gonna post our big beautiful fat bodies and we will celebrate them whether you like it or not #BringBackCurvy.'”

Keep celebrating your curves, ladies! To see some of the body-positive posts, click the hyperlinked hashtag above or visit The Huffington Post to see a compilation of photos.

Let’s #BringCurvyBack!

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