Style 101: Ear Jackets

Studs, drops and chandeliers — these are only a few of the many styles of earrings available from jewelers around the world. While most of us are familiar with these classic earrings, there are other styles that are just starting to gain attention, like the trendy ear jacket.

Although they sounds like a small parka to keep your ears warm in the winter, ear jackets are actually a two-piece earring consisting of a stud and a decorative attachment that connects to the back of the stud and wraps around the earlobe to create a jacket-like effect.

def of an ear jacket

Ear jackets come in a variety of styles, designs and colors, allowing them to be paired with everything from formal outfits to more casual outfits and everything in between. Ear jackets also vary in size, with smaller styles adding subtle visual interest and larger styles acting as statement jewelry pieces.

If ear jackets sound like something you might want to try, there are several stylish yet affordable options from BaubleBar that are perfect pieces to get you started on your ear jacket collection.

The Pavé Sputnik Ear Jackets from BaubleBar make a great starter piece to dip your toe into the waters of ear jackets. Done in a gold tone, these ear jackets features tiny pavé triangles that will outline your earlobe in sparkly rhinestones. For only $32, these earrings will look like you’ve paid much more for this edgy style.

The Pavé Sputnik Ear Jackets, found on

The Pavé Sputnik Ear Jackets, found on

If you’re looking for a colorful statement piece, the Maldives Ear Jackets will fulfill all of your desires. Featuring pink and turquoise stones, the colors in these ear jackets are offset by dainty rhinestones, allowing them to pair easily with dressy and casual outfits alike. These ear jackets are a style steal, coming in at only $28.

The Maldives Ear Jackets Earring, found on

The Maldives Ear Jackets Earring, found on

For an ear jacket that’ll pair with your favorite cocktail dress, try out the shimmery Flutter Ear Jackets from BaubleBar. This butterfly-shaped style will reflect any light that graces its ornate crystal, creating a glowing frame around your face. These ear jackets will certainly trick all your friends into believing that they were much more expensive than $32.

The Flutter Ear Jackets Earring, found on

The Flutter Ear Jackets Earring, found on

Although ear jackets won’t warm up your ears in the winter, these great styles from BaubleBar will definitely add some color, sparkle and shine to any outfit in any season.

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