Nicole’s Favorites: Accessories Edition

Very seldom have I found a piece of jewelry that is both meaningful and beautiful. I have often found that some of the necklaces or bracelets that hold the most meaning to me cannot be worn with my everyday outfits, either because they are too special to me or because they simply don’t go with what I’m wearing.

But recently, I was given a bracelet called a MantraBand as a gift. This sleek bangle comes in silver, yellow gold or rose gold tones, and they each feature an inspirational word or phrase — mine happened to be engraved with the word ‘fearless.’

The 'Fearless' MantraBand, found on

The ‘Fearless’ MantraBand, found on

These delicate little bands, according to the MantraBand site, are designed to be worn “every day, as your daily reminder, affirmation and inspiration.” This tiny, thin band telling me to be fearless in pursuit of my dreams instantaneously became just that — my daily reminder, affirmation and inspiration to set my fears aside to achieve the life of my dreams.

There are several other styles of this bracelet, including those with reminders to be happy, to live in the moment or to never give up. To me, there is no better way to be reminded of these life affirmations than to wear it (almost literally) on my sleeve. Even though it’s so light that I sometimes forget I’m wearing it, it will reflect a bit of sunlight and catch my eye, reminding me yet again to do something today that will bring me a litttle closer to my dreams tomorrow.

It’s funny how such a simple thing can have such a significant impact. What’s more is that I didn’t find this meaningful piece of jewelry on my own; it instead found me! Maybe fearlessless, too, will find me.



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