Style 101: Dusters

It’s hard to keep track of the latest style trends in the fashion industry. It seems that once we decide to opt into one trend, a new style becomes the next big thing. But one style first surfaced in the 1920s and 95 years later, it’s still quite a popular item. But what kind of garment has such staying power? That would be the duster.

A duster is long, light coat often made without buttons. This type of coat can be done in a variety of different materials and weaves, ranging from cotton/polyester blends to sweater-like knits. duster def

Dusters are a pretty versatile coat, mostly due to their light weight. Because they are so light, they can be worn in the spring or fall when it’s too warm to wear a full coat but too cold to go without one, or they can be worn in the winter under a heavier coat to provide some extra warmth. Believe it or not, dusters can even be beneficial in the summer months, acting as mosquito barrier for those outdoor evening parties or a light layer for your day out on the water. Dusters are done in a variety of styles as well, from casual sweater-like silhouettes to dressier coat styles with a collar and lapel.

If this utility piece sounds like something your wardrobe might be missing, there are several great styles available to satisfy all of your duster needs.

Forever 21 is the perfect place to start looking for fashionable, yet affordable dusters to dip your toe into the waters of this trend. Their Longline Open-Front Jacket offers a polished, clean silhouette in a dressier style, with a collar and lapel reminiscent of a blazer. Done in a light grey, this duster will easily pair with everything from your favorite pair of jeans to your work trousers. And for only $32.90, this duster is the definition of accessible fashion.

The Longline Open-Front Jacket, found on

The Longline Open-Front Jacket, found on

If you prefer a more fluid, less-structured silhouette, try the Gibson Cascade Front Duster from Nordstrom. This duster offers a much more relaxed, casual style perfect for running errands on the weekend or enjoying Sunday brunch. Available in Raisin (shown), Grey, and Midnight, this $59 duster will become your wardrobe’s go-to piece, so we recommend getting it in at least two colors!

The Gibson Cascade Front Duster, found on

The Gibson Cascade Front Duster, found on

Hollister’s Open Stitch Duster Cardigan is a great way to merge your love of cardigans with the trendy duster. This duster delivers a fresh take on the classic cardigan, featuring an open-stitch pattern done on a marled grey knit, which creates a rich texture throughout the body of the garment. Sure to replace your favorite cardigan, this duster will steal your heart for only $49.95.

The Open Stitch Duster Cardigan, found on

The Open Stitch Duster Cardigan, found on

So now that you’re a duster expert, it’s time to cover your wardrobe in this trend, because clearly, it won’t be going anywhere any time soon.

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