‘Real’ is Beautiful

Photoshopped images have recently been the subject of much controversy, receiving opposition from the public against altered and retouched photos. Very rarely, however, does an entire brand decide to take a stand against the issue, but Aerie is doing just that in their latest ad campaign.

According to The Huffington Postthe lingerie brand released the first photos of their new “Real” ad series on Monday, August 24. Their “Real” initiative, which features actress Emma Roberts and other unretouched celebrities, seeks to “‘challenge supermodel standards by featuring unretouched models.'”

Ahead of her ads’ official debut in Aerie stores on September 3, Roberts explained in a press release that the #AerieReal campaign’s message was one that resonated with her, since she works “in an industry that is quick to judge flaws.”

Roberts went on to express her excitement for the project, saying “I feel so honored to be part of a movement that reassures women that real doesn’t mean flawed — real is sexy, real is cool.”

Thank you, Emma Roberts and Aerie, for showing us that real is beautiful.

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