Hollaback! and ModCloth Team Up for Change

Clothing company ModCloth doesn’t just sell clothes to up your street style game, they’re also teaching us that women’s uninhibited street style is not the reason for verbal harassment and catcalling on the street.

The Huffington Post reports that in a new video created by ModCloth and anti-street harassment organization Hollback!, women stand alone before a camera to share that they “don’t dress for a guy,” and they ” don’t dress for a girl,” nor do they dress to please other passers-by. Instead, the eleven women in the video profess that they dress to please themselves, because “no one should ever censor their style to feel safe on the streets.”

The video also sheds light on some startling statistics, informing viewers that 70 to 90 percent of women internationally have experienced street harassment at some point in their lives, while “67 percent of US female college students have experienced harassment on their campus.” Because of such harassment, “66 percent of women change their style just to avoid being catcalled.”

As the video draws to a close, the women explain that “it is not [their] job to change … just to be treated with respect.”

Thank you, ModCloth and Hollaback!, for teaching us that women don’t need to compromise their style to receive the respect they deserve.

To watch the whole video, click here.

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