Style 101: Utility Jackets

Bombers, bikers and blazers — these are only a few of the many styles of jackets available in stores and awaiting arrival into your closet. While each of these jackets play an integral part in a well-rounded wardrobe, there is one equally versatile piece that you may need to add to your jacket rotation — the utility jacket.

Holding true to their name, utility jackets are lightweight jackets often done in a cotton blend that are the perfect transition pieces to get you through the changing seasons. These jackets are replete with pockets, allowing you to easily store your essentials so you can, if you so desire, forgo carrying a purse.


Due to their indicative name, it should come as no surprise that utility jackets can also be paired with a wide variety of clothing that probably already exists in your wardrobe; from your go-to jeans and white tee to a girly floral dress and ankle booties, utility jackets act as a completer piece on outfits such as these, adding a casual, yet slightly edgy element to your look. If a utility jacket sounds like something your wardrobe might be lacking, we found three great options for you to incorporate into your ever-expanding closet.

Every girl needs a versatile black jacket, and there is no better option than the Levi’s Washed Cotton Four-Pocket Utility Jacket from 6pm. Its four-pocket design allows for plenty of storage, while its hardware details deliver a subtle military-inspired look. Available for $89, this jacket will be worth the splurge since you’ll be wearing it with basically everything!

The Levi's Washed Cotton Four-Pocket Utility Jacket, found on

The Levi’s Washed Cotton Four-Pocket Utility Jacket, found on

Nothing could be more practical than a utility jacket with a hood, and the Longline Utility Jacket from Forever 21 delivers a fashionable style for an accessible price. Featuring a drawstring waist and oversized pockets at the hip, this jacket will not only allow you to define your shape within the straight silhouette, it will also provide you with ample storage for your phone, cash and even your favorite lipstick. Available in traditional olive, dark grey (shown) and rust, this jacket is certainly a fashionable find for only $29.90.

The Longline Hooded Utility Jacket, found on

The Longline Hooded Utility Jacket, found on

If you want to test out the utility jacket but have grown weary of their lackluster colors, try the Military Anorak Jacket from Land’s End. Featuring shiny gold hardware, this jacket comes in a variety of classic tones, including concrete grey, soft sand, sunset poppy (shown), black and classic navy. This jacket will be an asset to even the most well-rounded wardrobes, and it’s on sale for only $59.99.

The Women's Military Anorak Jacket, found on

The Women’s Military Anorak Jacket, found on

Pair your newfound knowledge of utility jackets with our three styles to try out, and you have no reason not to add a utility jacket to your wardrobe!

Happy Shopping!

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