A Run for Equality

In all corners of the globe, women continue to fight gender equality, and students Jharana and Sirjana are no different.

Upworthy reports that in the students’ native Nepal, women are “far less likely than men to be educated,” still being seen as insufficient and subservient to men when pursuing a career. Because of this apparent inequality, Jharana and Sirjana decided to take action, rallying their classmates to participate in a 5k run to promote women’s equality.

The girls, who attend their school on a scholarship from She’s The First — an organization “dedicated to making sure girls in low-income countries have access to the education they need to succeed in life, empowering them to graduate from secondary school” — garnered the participation 350 runners. Upworthy says each runner wore a sign with a brief explanation of why they were running, inscribed with things like “I run for girls who didn’t get a chance for study” and “I run for my mother because she is not educated.”

Because of the outright success of their 5k for women’s equality, Upworthy explains that Jharana and Sirjana plan to continue hosting the race as an annual event.

Thank you, Jharana and Sirjana, for showing us that it’s never too young to work to bring about change.

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