Dressed in Truth

Three celebrities, one dress and one truth-filled response from Amy Schumer — these are the components of a recent Twitter debacle involving the actress and comedian, along with singers Jordin Sparks and Fergie.

The Today Show reports that on September 2, website The Fashion Spot tweeted a side-by-side image of the women wearing the same black and gold Halston Heritage dress, asking their followers which of the ladies wore it better. Schumer quickly weighed in with her opinion, offering that Sparks wore it better.

Twitter / Found on Today.com.

Twitter / Found on Today.com.

Four minutes later, Schumer had a change of heart, saying maybe Fergie wore the Halston Heritage style better. But in that second response, Schumer delivered her best response of all: that maybe we should “stop putting women against each other!”

Twitter / @amyschumer, found on Today.com.

Twitter / @amyschumer, found on Today.com.

Today says that Sparks joined the discussion, agreeing that all three of them “rocked” the dress. But leave it to Amy Schumer to inject a bit of humor into the exchange, tweeting that their next matching looks should be rain ponchos. She accompanied the suggestion with a photo of herself on the New York City subway in the proposed look.

Twitter / @amyschumer, found on Today.com.

Twitter / @amyschumer, found on Today.com.

Jordin Sparks followed suit with her own rain-ready look, ending the discussion on a light note.

Thanks, Amy Schumer and Jordin Sparks, for teaching us to stop pitting women against other women on the basis of looks, while poking fun at the notion along the way. May we learn to apply this lesson to other areas, as well.

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