Makeup-Free and Still a ‘Pretty Woman’

Scroll through your Instagram feed any day, and you’re bound to see at least one makeup-free selfie, if not from one of your friends, then from a celebrity. And the latest celebrity to add her own makeup-free selfie to the social media site was Julia Roberts.

According to Yahoo Style, the actress posted the image of herself along with the words, “Perfection is a disease of a nation,” which are lyrics from Beyoncé’s “Pretty Hurts.” Roberts didn’t stop there, adding in her caption, “We overlay our faces with tons of make-up. We get botoxs [sic] and even starve ourselves to become that perfect size. We try to fix something but you can’t fix what you can’t see. It’s the soul that needs the surgery.”

Her statement about beauty standards continued, with Yahoo reporting that she asked her followers, “How can you expect someone else to love you if you don’t love yourself?” Therefore, Roberts explained that we have to be happy with ourselves, saying that who we are on the inside trumps our outward appearance.

As for her own appearance, the actress says that while she is aware of her wrinkles, she hopes her followers and fans can see past the superficial to accept her for who she is. “I want to embrace the real me and I want you to embrace who you are, the way you are, and love yourself just the way you are.”

Thank you, Julia Roberts, for teaching us not only to see the beauty in others, but to see the beauty within ourselves.

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