Inscribed With Love

Standing in the middle of market wearing nothing but a blindfold and a bikini sounds like the stuff of every woman’s worst nightmare. But in reality, it proved to be quite the opposite for one Idaho woman.

Inspired by a project from an Australian group known as The Liberators International, Buzzfeed reports that Idaho-native Amy Pence-Brown decided to bare it all for the sake of self-love. Pence-Brown, the founder of the Boise Rad Fat Collective, a group she describes as “socially engaged Idahoans of all shapes and sizes who are fed up with mainstream media and society telling us what a valuable body should do\be\act\look like,” decided to stand in the middle of a market in Boise in a bathing suit and a blindfold, asking passersby to draw a heart on her body to promote self-love.

Within a few minutes, Buzzfeed says that people began to stop by Pence-Brown and participate by drawing hearts and even writing kind messages on her body. Some even gave her hugs and kisses while “thanking her for her fearlessness and strength.”

Pence-Brown told of the experience on her blog, saying “I was scared that I might get asked to leave by the police or that people would yell terrible things at me or that no one would draw a heart on my body and I’d stand there alone and crying for minutes that felt like hours. Well, none of that came true. Except for the crying part.”

Pence-Brown shared the aim of her experiment with Buzzfeed, explaining that she hoped to inspire people make peace with their bodies, something she said she learned to do years ago.

On her own blog, she discussed the potential of learning to love ourselves, saying, “We can’t truly love one another until we fully love ourselves. And once we do, I guarantee, that together we can move mountains.”

Thank you, Amy Pence-Brown, for so boldly and fearlessly teaching us to love ourselves and be at peace with who we are. You are truly an inspiration to us all.

To watch the video and read more about her experience, click here.

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