Stripes of Honor

Women of all ages obsess over the lines, marks and spots they sport on their bodies. And as if we don’t already do that enough, photo-editing and retouching creates false images of flawlessness that serve to make us feel that our marks are something to be ashamed of.

But in a recent video from Buzzfeed Yellow, women are finding the meaning in their marks, specifically their stretch marks. According to The Huffington Postthe video depicts women candidly discussing the first time they noticed their stretch marks (some discovered theirs in high school), as well as their genuine feelings about them. In sharing this, they also recount how they’ve come to love their marks.

One shared that her stretch marks served as a reminder of her strength, while another explained that she’s come to love her marks simply because they’re a part of her. “It shows me that I’ve grown up, and they make me feel kind of special,” she said.

Another participant revealed that her stretch marks developed after gaining weight from depression after a miscarriage. However, she explained that her marks remind her that “there was once life here or that there can be life [t]here in the future.”

Perhaps one of the simplest affirmations of her stretch marks came when one woman said she loves her stretch marks because they “show [her] that [she’s] a woman.”

Thank you to Buzzfeed Yellow and their participants for showing us that our imperfections are what makes us beautiful, strong women.

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