The Image of Achievement

Despite the achievements of tennis superstar Serena Williams or UFC fighter Ronda Rousey, female athletes are still judged more on what they look like than on their abilities and accomplishments — at least that’s what tennis great Billie Jean King thinks.

According to The Huffington PostKing not only offered her opinion on the recent criticism of Serena Williams’ body, she also shared her belief that women in sports are judged mostly for their bodies — men, she said, don’t receive this type of treatment.

“Particularly with women athletes, people talk about their looks the whole time, and they don’t talk about their accomplishments. And they would never do that to a man,” King explained.

Further into the discussion, King called into question the role social media has played recently in attempting to assuage this treatment, saying that even though it has changed the way people view the bodies of female athletes, their achievements should matter much more than the shape or build of their bodies.

King continued, “I think most of the women just want to be as strong as they can be, period. It doesn’t matter what their shape is.”

Thank you, Billie Jean King, for teaching us that the accomplishments of female athletes far outweigh their looks or stature.

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