Britton’s Bottle-Up Magic

A woman who is considered beautiful often garners questions of what the secret to her maintained beauty is. And if you’ve ever wondered what Nashville star Connie Britton’s beauty secret is, wonder no more.

Britton recently revealed that her beauty regimen relies on a healthy dose of something shoppers can’t find on the shelves — feminism.

According to The Huffington PostBritton’s admission via a quasi-PSA video came as part of The Representation Project’s 2015 #AskHerMore campaign. This campaign is pushing for red carpet reporters to deviate from their standard questions inquiring about the designer of female celebrities’ gowns to ask them something more substantial. The video was written, directed and co-produced by fellow Nashville actress Laura Benanti, says The Huffington Post’s Emma Gray.

Benanti told The Huffington Post that because many young women are hesitant to proclaim themselves as ‘feminists,’ it demonstrates there is still a great misunderstanding surrounding the meaning of the term. “All people should be feminists. Also… feminists are funny, too,” she added.

In the short, Britton explains that when used regularly, “feminism has been known to produce amazing results, such as a woman’s right to vote, a woman’s right to her own body, a woman’s right to become a kickass athlete, the Violence Against Women Act, the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act and more.”

Before the ‘side-effects’ of feminism are shared at the conclusion of the video, Britton tells us that not only do women need feminism, it also “is made to be used on a daily basis and works best when shared.”

Thank you, Connie Britton and Laura Benanti, for showing us that women are more than the designers they wear and the products they use, and the only way to find out is to #AskHerMore.

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