Holliday’s Latest Hobby

Coming on the heels of actress Melissa McCarthy’s clothing line Seven7, which ranges from size 4-28W, model Tess Holliday is set to release her own clothing collection next year.

According to Glamourthe People magazine covergirl and size-26 model told The Huffington Post UK that she is in the process of designing her own line, a process she describes as both “really exciting” and “stressful.”

Although Holliday expressed the breadth of her emotions about launching her line, she also expressed her frustrations over the fashion industry’s lack of inclusive sizing, which serves as the impetus for her forthcoming collection: “Somebody has to speak for others. We often get pushed to the corner and people don’t really pay attention to us or take us seriously. It’s really frustrating.”

When asked on what styles her new clothing line will include, Holliday told The Huffington Post UK, “I don’t have any styling rules — for me, it’s all about wearing what makes you feel good. If that means wearing a Halloween costume, whatever. If that means wearing a chic dress, then cool.”

While Holliday praises the efforts of brands such as ASOS, she feels that more can be done in the industry. “So many stores cut off at size 16. There needs to be more sizes,” she offered.

And we expect Holliday’s upcoming collection to fill this void in the fashion industry. Thank you, Tess Holliday, for working to make the fashion world a little more inclusive.

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