She Leads, You Follow: La Mer Celebration Edition

Being considered an ‘icon’ in the fashion and makeup industry is not an easily-won accomplishment, but on Oct. 13, skincare and cosmetic brand La Mer celebrated their icon-status at their “Celebration of an Icon” 50th Anniversary event at Siren Studios in Hollywood, California. Although the night was all about La Mer, we couldn’t help but be sidetracked by the event’s tremendous red carpet fashion.

Take Chrissy Teigen’s white-hot ensemble, for example. The model and recently-announced mommy-to-be made an appearance on the red carpet in what InStyle describes as a white strappy Kayat dress. Teigen completed her look with silver metallic frame clutch, matching silver Jimmy Choo sandals and EF Collection jewelry.

Following suit in an equally stunning look was Gwyneth Paltrow, who rocked the red carpet in a Galvan jumpsuit with a sheer plunging neckline. Polishing off her look were black satin Brian Atwood sandals and a bold cocktail ring.

Although these lovely ladies are styled for the red carpet, there are certain facets of their looks that we can apply to the way we dress every day:

  1. Structurally speaking – Chrissy Teigen’s white Kayat dress a perfect example of clothing with an inherent, shape-creating structure. The wide straps accentuate her shoulders, balancing them out with her hips, while the zipper running down the center of her dress draws our attention and makes us follow the long line it creates. The seaming and slight ruching at the bodice and waist of the dress draws attention to her bustline while simultaneously narrowing her waist. These simple, barely perceptible features all work to define her shape and make an otherwise simple dress visually stimulating. Whether you’re shopping for anything from a dress to a blouse, be sure to consider all of the elements of the garment beyond the print and overall shape, because there may be elements working ‘behind the seams’ that make the piece a very functional, yet fashionable item.
  2. Jump into a jumpsuit – Gwyneth Paltrow’s Galvan jumpsuit shows us not only one way to properly wear a formal jumpsuit, but also what to look for when shopping for the perfect one-piece. First, be sure that the jumpsuit has a clearly defined waistline; in Paltrow’s jumpsuit, her waist is easily identified by a thick black band. Then, check out the cut of the legs; a universally flattering leg silhouette for jumpsuits is wide-legged cut, because the leg of the pant will graze the widest part of your hips and fall straight down to the floor, creating a long, lean legline. Finally, try to find a jumpsuit with some interesting detail that will act as a focal point for the look; in Paltrow’s Galvan number, the obvious focal point is its sheer plunging neckline, but a high neckline or notched strapless neckline can be equally as eye-catching. All of these facets combine to create a flattering jumpsuit look for all body types.
  3. A ‘solid’ look – One of the things both of these looks have in common is that they are composed of solid colors. And while solid colors can sometimes be thought of as ‘boring’ or ‘dull,’ both of these outfits prove that solid colors can be anything but boring. So what is it that makes these outfits particularly interesting? The answer is in the details — not only are both Teigen’s dress and Paltrow’s jumpsuit tailored perfectly to their bodies, they also have inherent shape, structure and detail that combine to make a visually stimulating look. Both of their outfits demonstrate that solid colors can be exciting when they are cut and styled in ways that enhance the body shape of each woman, as well as their personality.

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