Michele Inspires with Recent Op-Ed

Actresses can be known for powerful, emotive on-screen performances, but recently, one actress is drawing attention not for her role in a movie or television show, but instead for an essay.

The Huffington Post reports that Glee-alum Lea Michele recently penned an op-ed for The Daily Beast in which she “explained the importance of women empowering other women in a world where women’s experiences, opinions and unique traits are often dismissed and overlooked.”

Discussing how the media often places unrealistic standards of perfection upon women while also forcing them to conform to the mainstream, Michele wrote, “Too often, female expression is stifled. The truth about women is skewed in popular culture, and so many young girls reading the weekly magazines in the grocery checkout aisle are left to wonder where they fit in.”

The Huffington Post also says Michele told of her involvement int he #ActuallySheCan campaign, an initiative that bolsters female ambition, citing supportive female friends, mentors and advocates who have helped her in both her personal and professional life as inspiration for participating in the campaign.

Further in the piece, Michele encouraged young women to share their voices and support others that do so, as well. “We have to be diligent, we have to be willing to take risks,” she said. “We have to be willing to celebrate one another and accept the challenges we face individually and collectively.”

Michele concluded her op-ed in this way: “#ActuallySheCan is a reminder that I can, that She can, and that We can.”

Thank you, Lea Michele, for reminding us that all women can and should use their voices and defy the expected to achieve their goals.

Read the full op-ed here.


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