Tyra Takes on the Tech Community

From taking the runway to taking the stage at a technology conference, supermodel, talkshow host and beauty startup owner Tyra Banks did just that when she spoke at the Wall Street Journal tech conference on Tuesday, Oct. 20.

According to CNN Money, the three-day conference featured few women speakers, but Banks was one of the women to command the microphone at the event. An investor in tech startups herself, Banks was not out of place at the conference. But CNN Money explains that Banks was there to talk about more than just entrepreneurship; she married the two subjects together as she spoke on the importance of encouraging women in the workplace. A vocal advocate for female empowerment, Banks made a statement on the matter in the way she knows best — with her outfit, wearing a T-shirt under her blazer that read “I’m an entrepreneur, bitch.”

Speaking on her modeling career, Banks discussed how she ‘broke the glass ceiling,’ becoming the first black model on the cover of Sports Illustrated. From here, she explained that female entrepreneurs need to persevere and “break the powers that be,” while men in positions of power need to allow women the opportunity to succeed.

“Do research about what female leaders can bring to you that a man cannot,” Banks said, according to CNN Money. “Divorce a lot of these preconceived notions that we have as children [about] how we see women in the workplace.”

At Banks’ own startup, Tyra Beauty, she explained that she actually had to make a concerted effort to employ men, considering she is so “pro-women.”

Just how pro-women is she? CNN Money reports that her beauty line features a lipstick shade called “Ask for a raise,” because she wants to “encourage women to do just that.”

Thank you, Tyra Banks, for not only telling us, but showing us how to break the glass ceiling to become powerful forces in the workplace and in the world.

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