Honest Adele

Adele said it best in her famous “Rolling in the Deep” when she sang, “Don’t underestimate the things that I will do.” And in a recent interview with Rolling Stone, she explained that she applies this line of thinking to her role as a female musician and businesswoman.

The Huffington Post reports that in between offering her views on feminism, the Grammy winner told Rolling Stone of her experiences sitting in business meetings full of men. She also admitted to being relatively unaware of “the momentum the gender equality movement has gained in pop culture.”

“If there’s a movement, that’s great,” Adele said. “Who’s doing it? Will you ask me if I’m a feminist? I don’t think many men in interviews get asked if they’re feminist.”

Explaining that she is a feminist, Adele went on to say that she believes people of all races and sexual orientations should be treated equally.

This belief is not unfounded, stemming from her own experience with gender inequality, telling what it was like to be underestimated by a room full of men in business meetings. After being approached by some men with a “What do you know?” attitude, she reacted in this way: “It’s like, ‘Well, I’m the f**king artist. So I f**king know everything, actually! Like, don’t f**king talk down to me!'”

Carrying on this girl-power theme, The Huffington Post says that Adele also spoke on her collaboration with singer-songwriter Sia on her highly-anticipated 25, which will be released on Nov. 20.

“I actually love the dynamic of us both being in there and just f**king being bossy,” she said of working with Sia. “And it’s all these male producers, and they’re all f**king shitting themselves ’cause we’re in there.”

Thank you, Adele, for showing us that girls can be the boss of a male-dominated environment.


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