She Leads, You Follow: amfAR Inspiration Gala Edition

Fashion and fundraising came together in the Oct. 29 amfAR Inspiration Gala, held at Milk Studios in Hollywood, California. Launched in 2010, the series aims to celebrate men’s style while also raising money for amfAR’s AIDS research programs. Last Thursday’s gala certainly accomplished both goals, with stars turning out high fashion to support the worthy cause.

One of our favorite looks of the night came courtesy of the always-fashionable Sarah Hyland, who wore a blush Jenny Packam gown with beaded embroidery. InStyle says Hyland completed her gala look with Lorraine Schwartz jewelry.

Following Hyland in a more whimsical look was Diane Kruger, who donned a Carolina Herrera gown in a faint sheer pink with black and white embroidery. InStyle says that Kruger polished off her look with a Charlotte Olympia box clutch and Harry Winston jewelry.

Interrupting the parade of gowns was Zendaya, who opted for a tailored blazer and shorts suit. She injected her look with some femininity by adding a black strappy heel and floral earrings.

Lea Michele rounded out our favorite looks of the evening, wearing a coral strapless gown with an origami-style curved neckline. A diamond bracelet and earrings completed her gala look.

Although these ladies are dressed to impress on the red carpet of a charity gala, there are several things we can learn from their style and apply to the way we dress every day:

  1. Simplicity makes a statement – All of these outfits have one thing in common: they are all fairly simple. While some included embroidery or beading, they all employ solid colors. While solid colors can sometimes be considered boring, these ensembles certainly prove otherwise. Their simplicity allows us to focus on each woman wearing the outfit; because we are not distracted by loud prints or overwhelming layers of material, which lets us see them and their natural beauty. When styled with bold jewelry, as these ladies did, it can create a striking, fashionable look.
  2.  Fit is everything – Another common thread running through each of these outfits is their fit; each ensemble is perfectly tailored, and good fit automatically elevates the inherent style of each piece. For example, Zendaya’s blazer fits perfectly at the shoulder and at the waist, accentuating her hourglass shape. Michele’s gown fits in a similar way, with the exaggerated neckline emphasizing her bust while the rest of the gown hugs her curves all the way down to its hemline.
  3. Proportional jewelry – Each woman also has jewelry that is proportional to their outfits; that is, because their outfits are simple, they could wear larger jewelry pieces. Notice, however, the mix of sizes in their jewelry; for example, in Michele’s outfit, she chose a smaller earring with a larger cuff bracelet. Kruger, though, opted for earrings and a bracelet that are fairly equal in size, while Zendaya chose for a bolder earring to counteract her menswear-inspired look. Hyland, however, chose the smallest jewelry, most likely to avoid competing with her bold lip color.

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