Smashing Stereotypes

Amid a recent push for gender equality lies feminism, which has long endured years of stereotypes that construct false images a ‘typical’ feminist. But these frail images have recently been been shattered, or at least fractured, thanks to a recent video from Buzzfeed Yellow.

According to The Huffington Post, the video depicts “a diverse group of feminists” who “backed the gender equality movement while also dispelling myths often associated with it, including its supporters being ‘sexist.'”

One feminist in the video dispelled the long-held myth that all feminists hate men, while another explained that she is not a bandwagon feminist, joining the movement because it’s trendy. The video even incorporated feminist men, one of which said, “being a feminist makes him ‘a better man.'”

Thank you, Buzzfeed Yellow, for dispelling myths about feminism and encouraging us to join the movement, closing the video with “‘I’m a feminist, and you should be, too.'”

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