Starting a ‘RunwayRiot’

Model Iskra Lawrence is starting a riot against photo-retouching with her brand-new fashion website — a ‘RunwayRiot,’ that is.

According to People, Lawrence’s new site that launched on Wednesday, Nov. 18, RunwayRiot, is a fashion website for curvy women, but the photos featured on the site have one very important feature: none of the photos are retouched.

The 25-year-old model discussed her decision to make her site Photoshop-free with Good Morning America Wednesday morning. “It’s something I’m so passionate about, because growing up I wanted to feel confident in myself and who I am, not for being someone that was retouched, that I couldn’t identify with,” she said.

This is not Lawrence’s first time working with unretouched photos. People  cited her work earlier this year in American Eagle Outfitters’ successful underwear ad campaign featuring unretouched images.

In her own experience as a model, Lawrence said she had not been accepted for certain modeling jobs for “being a straight-size model because I was too curvy, and then I was too small to be a plus-size model.” Because of this, when creating RunwayRiot, she set out to make fashion more inclusive.

Stepping into the role of managing editor for her editorial and e-commerce site, People reported that Lawrence aims to cover beauty and fashion for women of all sizes.

“We plan to create a home for women to come and feel inspired,” she said of RunwayRiot. “It’s going to be the first chance for women to feel included in fashion, from 0s to 28s. We’re going to talk about cool and trendy clothes for all sizes.”

Lawrence went on to express the importance of her site, and how it will give voice to women of all shapes and sizes. “Social media created a voice for women to say, ‘Well actually we all want to be represented.’ So for me, it gave me confidence to stand up and say, ‘It’s time to see more women in the media of different sizes.'”


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