Pink Appointed New UNICEF Ambassador

Being named a UNICEF ambassador is nothing short of a big deal, and on Nov. 30, singer Pink was named  just that.

According to Glamour, Pink is the latest to join as an ambassador for the organization which is “dedicated to raising awareness for the organization’s international health and nutrition programs.”

Pink will specifically be an advocate for UNICEF Kid Power, which Glamour says is “a wearable device that encourages children to ‘go on missions to learn about new cultures and earn points.'” The points that children earn then “‘unlock funding from partners, parents, and fans—and funds are used by UNICEF to deliver lifesaving packets of therapeutic food to severely malnourished children around the world.'” Therefore, Glamour says that as the children wearing these tracking devices become healthier and more active, more funds are raised to help other children around the world.

In a statement on her new position, Pink explained how she hopes to use this role to improve nutrition for children throughout the world. “As a mom myself, it’s devastating to know that children are suffering because they don’t have adequate nutrition. All children should be able to grow up strong and healthy, with the opportunity to reach their full potential. As a UNICEF Ambassador, I want to use my platform to help end global malnutrition, which is why I’m so excited about UNICEF Kid Power —which gets kids and families involved in saving children’s lives.”

Congratulations on your new position, Pink!

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