Cooper and The Patriarchy

Every year, Barbara Walters films her ABC special, “10 Most Fascinating People,” which highlights the most popular (and sometimes controversial) figures of the concluding year.

This year, Walters profiled actor Bradley Cooper, known for his work in such movies as Silver Linings Playbook, in which he shared the screen with Jennifer Lawrence. According to The Huffington Post, Cooper discussed his Silver Linings Playbook and Joy co-star with Walters, specifically talking about her  op-ed on wage inequality.

In the interview, Cooper said that the patriarchal society in which we live is just part of a mammoth problem. “It’s symptomatic of a larger issue. And she was bold enough to come out, write an op-ed about it. I think probably other professions are much worse than our profession. But it’s rampant. And why not start a conversation?”

To watch the interview, click here.


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