Makeup For All

When you’re shopping for something and you can’t find exactly the product you are looking for, it can be quite an annoying experience. But imagine consistently not being able to find what you’re looking for simply because it’s not built for the color of your skin.

This is exactly how Florence Adepoju felt while working at a Benefit makeup counter in London; according to “Women in the World,” the makeup company would often release products that didn’t flatter her dark skin, which sparked an idea in Adepoju that would change this.

Once she earned a degree in applied chemistry, Adepoju set her mind on creating a line of makeup that would flatter women with darker complexions. This led to MDMFlow, Adepoju’s own brand of makeup which is now available online at Nasty Gal.

According to “Women in the World,” the brand “offers up an array of boldly-colored, luxe lipsticks inspired by Adepoju’s love for hip hop,” and it includes hues such as “vibrant oranges, greens, blues and yellows.” The lipsticks’ names refer to different hip hop songs and artists, with some shades named “Milkshake” (after the song by Kelis) and “Two Chains” (after the rapper 2 Chainz).

The lipsticks, which are made by hand in a shed in her parents’ backyard, are also available at the Topshop in London’s Oxford Circus and Colette in Paris.

Thank you, Florence Adepoju, for showing us that makeup is not exclusive to certain skin tones.

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