Well, #I’m Flattered

If you’ve ever been insulted for wearing something because of your age, size or height, you may want to pay attention to a new body positivity campaign.

According to HerCampus, New York City-based body positivity clothing company SmartGlamour has started a new campaign aimed to be body inclusive called #I’mFlattered.

“The campaign features women holding signs that contain advice they’ve received about dressing for their bodies—usually something to do with covering up less-perfect areas of their bodies—and wearing an outfit that disregards the rule,” wrote HerCampus’ Cathy Zhang of the initiative.

On SmartGlamour’s blog, the brand’s owner and designer  — and now creator of the campaign — Mallorie Dunn described the process of creating the brand’s campaign this way:

“I asked women of all sizes, shapes, ages, and ethnicity if there was ever a time (or times) when a stranger or loved one concluded they were the expert on their body and presentation—and decided to voice it. I decided to invite some of these women to tell their stories, hand making them the exact kind of garment they were advised against wearing—not just to prove these ‘experts’ wrong—but to show that their bodies are up to them, and them alone.”

Not only does SmartGlamour find fault with how certain types of clothing are considered to be exclusively for specific body types, they also see it problematic that others are dictating our clothing choices.

Thank you, SmartGlamour, for showing us that each individual has the sole power to decide what to wear and how to look.

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