In December 2011, Madonna Badger’s life was impacted in the most unimaginable way; on Christmas day, her home in Stamford, Connecticut caught fire, taking the lives of her parents (Lomer Johnson, 71, and Pauline Johnson, 69) and her three daughters (Lily, 9, and twins Grace and Sarah, 7), while Badger and her boyfriend at the time, Michael Borcina, were the lone survivors of the tragedy.

But according to People, Badger is now making an impact of her own with the launch of her agency’s latest campaign, ‘#WomenNotObjects.’ Her New York agency, Badger and Winters, first launched the campaign against the objectification of women two weeks ago by posting a video to Youtube anonymously.

After garnering almost 600,000 views to date, Badger spoke to Matt Lauer of TODAY to explain the significance of the campaign. “People are really seeing that objectifying women is really up there with inequality of women,” Badger said.

“I think that sex sells, but you know what the worst part is? It’s the harm we’re doing, and for me, that’s really what made me make this decision,” she explained.

Staying true to her #WomenNotObjects campaign’s message, Badger vowed that the initiative will never present women in an unfavorable way. Her firm “will never use women as a prop where she has no choice, no voice,” while they “will never over retouch to the point that it is unattainable human perfection.”

Thank you, Madonna Badger, for speaking up on behalf of all women who have ever felt objectified or felt obligated to reach unreachable standards of beauty and sexuality.

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