She Leads, You Follow: Chelsea28 Edition

Everyone’s favorite fashionista is about to make her impeccable style available to the masses.

According to Vogue, Olivia Palermo is set to launch a collaborative clothing line with Nordstrom’s in-house label, Chelsea28. The collection will debut with the Seattle-based company on Feb. 8, a convenient coincidence that Vogue points out aligns with the start of New York Fashion Week.

Vogue says that the collection includes 32 versatile pieces that are designed for the working woman. Palermo’s collaboration covers everything from boho dresses to menswear shirts to classic jeans.

Palermo explained the impetus for the line, describing the importance of designing a collection that could easily integrate into everyday life. “It was important to start with life pieces, as I call them,” said Palermo. “Taking a great navy wide-leg pant, for example, and being able to restyle it.”

Taking wardrobe staples and providing a fresh twist on the look is also a common thread among Palermo’s line — the 29-year-old elevated classic denim into a not only a tailored jumpsuit, but also a modern midi skirt.

Although Palermo’s collection will deliver high-fashion looks, they won’t retail for high-fashion prices. Vogue says that the “opening price point of the collection is surprisingly affordable — just $68.”

Creating an accessible, yet fashionable line was certainly a high priority, as Palermo herself explained that she designed the collection with the working girl in mind.

“It’s important to understand what a girl wants. And Nordstrom has a similar take on the New York woman—she’s a woman on a mission who knows what she’s looking for.”


Check out Palermo’s collection when it launches on Feb. 8 here

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