Have a Little ‘Faith’

The next time you are looking for something good to read, you may want to ditch the best-selling novel and pick up a comic book — but not just any comic book.

According to Today, a new comic book has recently been launched by Valiant Comics that incorporates what society would call an unlikely superhero — a plus-sized female. “Faith,” named for its heroine Faith Herbert, follows the adventures of the “superhero-loving fangirl who, despite her plus-size figure, can make herself lighter than air and fly.”

Introduced in early ’90s as part of a team of superheroes, Zephyr — her name when she’s in superhero mode — has been one of Valiant’s most popular characters since her introduction. Editor-in-Chief Warren Simons said her popularity is due in part to her role as “the moral compass of Valiant’s universe.”

Simons explained her role as the comic’s “moral compass” to Today in this way: “You don’t need to look far to find a comic book featuring a grizzled antihero who kills without remorse … Faith is the antithesis of that.”

Jody Houser, the comic’s writer, told Today that her comic is not solely for women. “Faith is really for anyone who loves superheroes and wants to see a fun twist on them, sort of the way ‘Galaxy Quest’ was a twist on the sci-fi genre,” she said.

And so far, her audience seems to recognize this. According to Bustle, “The first and second prints of its inaugural issue shipped together on January 27th,” but this, however, was not enough to appease eager fans. “A third print of Faith #1 is slated to hit store shelves with Faith #2 on February 24th, giving the first issue an unprecedented three printings in less than one month!”

Faith’s quick third-printing thus broke records for the fastest third printing in comic book history, says Bustle.

Such success indicates that we are in need of a superhero we can all relate to.



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