Wambach’s the ‘MAKER’ of Equality

After a prolific career in soccer, two-time Olympic gold medalist and World Cup champion Abby Wambach has set her sights on bigger and better things in her recent retirement from the sport.

According to The Huffington Postthe former soccer star joined AOL CEO Tim Armstrong at the MAKERS Conference in Rancho Palos Verdes, California this week to discuss her future plans — which include attaining equality for all.

“It’s astonishing to me that at the executive level at many, many Forbes 500 companies, there are very few women, very few people of different orientations, different colors, different ethnicities,” Wambach said. “So I want to tackle the biggie. And it’s the thing that drives me the most crazy – it costs zero dollars to treat someone equally.”

Although removing herself from the world of athletics — a realm she has always known — has been difficult at times, Wambach has already found some new passions on which to channel the time and energy she used to spend training.

The Huffington Post says, “The 35-year-old has been on the campaign trail with Hillary Clinton and vocal about the gender pay gap — an issue that has become particularly visible in the soccer world,” and Wambach believes that politics can change such disparities across industries.

As if her new passion project weren’t enough, Wambach was also honored with her own Barbie at the conference, pointing to the impact her successful career can have on young girls.

While she may be pursuing other things these days, make no mistake: Wambach knows she is going to give it her best shot, just as she always did.

“I know no matter what I do I’m gonna be good at [it]. But unfortunately, for me, that’s not good enough. I want to be the best at whatever I do next. And it’s gonna be changing the world, and fighting for equality for everybody in every industry in every city in every country so that everybody has equal opportunity no matter who you are. So that’s what I’m gonna do. I have small goals.”


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