Winslet’s BAFTA Win

An acceptance speech for an award is often emotional, fraught with nerves and abounding excitement. Sometimes, a speech can not only be sentimental, but also inspirational. And after Kate Winslet won a BAFTA award on Sunday, Feb. 14, the actress delivered a speech of this very kind.

According to ELLE, Winslet won an award for best supporting actress for her role in Steve Jobs, and proceeded to praise her fellow nominees in her speech on stage. However, once she got backstage, the actress delivered a powerful speech on her own experiences as an up-and-coming actress, advising young women all over the world to overcome their self-doubt.

She said:

I often, in a moment like that one, I find myself afterwards thinking I should’ve said something—when I was younger, when I was only 14, I was told by a drama teacher that I might do okay if I was happy to settle for the fat girl parts. Look at me now! Look at me now.

And so what I feel like saying in those moments is, to any young woman who has ever been put down by a teacher or a friend or even a parent, just don’t listen to any of it. Because that’s what I did. I didn’t listen, and I kept on going, and I overcame all of my fears, and I got over a lot of insecurity. And just keep doing it, and keep believing in yourself, you know? That’s what I felt like I really had to dig deep and do. So I would dedicate it to all those young women who doubt themselves because you shouldn’t be doubting, you should just be going for it.

Thank you, Kate Winslet, for not only inspiring us to overcome our self-doubt, but also for being living proof that we can move past our insecurities and fears to live the lives of our dreams.


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