Target and DC Comics Create Something ‘Super’

On the heels of the comic sensation Faith comes an announcement that proves that girls can be superheroes.

On Feb. 24, The Huffington Post reported that Target and DC Comics have teamed up to create “DC Super Hero Girls,” which is “inspired by the female characters from Warner Bros’ new franchise and web series, “DC Super Hero Girls,” according to Target.”

Superheroes like Supergirl, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Bumble Bee and Harley Quinn are set to hit the Target shelves in March, and in addition to the action figures made by Mattel, The Huffington Post says that “Target will also be selling girls’ apparel emblazoned with iconic logos, stars and empowering words like ‘strong’ and ‘brave’ as well.”

Spokesperson for Target Lee Henderson told that the move comes after their diligence in listening to consumer feedback. “There is lots of excitement around this new launch,” he said, “and we can’t wait to share the power of these iconic female super hero characters with fans. We know their stories of epic action and girl power will definitely resonate.”

Reaction on social media has been largely positive, praising the partnership for its equal representation and its promotion of ‘girl power.’

Thanks, Target and DC Comics, for showing us that girls can wear the capes, too.

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