Beauty knows no age

Yazemeenah Rossi is stirring up the fashion industry, but not because of her flawless skin and flowing blonde locks.

In fact, Rossi may be considered quite the opposite. A 60-year-old, silver-haired woman, Rossi is the star of the latest swimsuit ad campaign for a collaboration between fashion label The Dreslyn and lingerie brand Land of Women, according to Good HousekeepingSetting the fashion industry ablaze, the magazine says that Rossi’s ads “show off both the beautiful bathing suits and Rossi’s elegant modeling skills.”

While Rossi is certainly garnering attention for her photos, she told TODAY that being considered “revolutionary” for modeling in her sixties won’t slow her down.

“When I was younger, I was more insecure … But I always wanted to be me. When you are yourself and you don’t try to copy, you get power. And you feel that power the more you go on in life,” she said.

And the model certainly does remain true to herself; while the fashion industry priveleges young women and promotes perfection, Good Housekeeping says that Rossi “has opted to keep her hair both long and gray rather than chop and dye it.”

What’s more is that The Dreslyn did not airbrush over her wrinkles to create the illusion of smooth, blemish-free skin. Instead, they let Rossi’s natural beauty — “imperfections” and all — speak for itself.

While it is evident that Rossi is making headlines for her photos, one thing is also quite clear: she proves that true beauty knows no age.


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