Nude for all

Christian Louboutin took one step to become more inclusive in December 2015 when the luxury brand featured size 12-14 model Clementine Desseaux in their social media campaign for their line of rouge lipsticks. Three months later, the brand is making headlines yet again for thinking beyond the norm.

According to Who What Wear, Louboutin has created and unveiled nude shoes that represent a range of different skin tones. Redefining “nude” to be indicative of the term’s true relative nature to a person’s unique skin color, Louboutin has released the shoes in “seven different hues to match a much wider range of skin tones,” reports Who What Wear’s Erin Fitzpatrick.

A photo posted on Instagram from the brand reveals four of the new shades, showing just how many variations there are from the “typical” nude.

Touting a “spectrum of nudes,” a triptych of photos on the company’s Instagram shows shades ranging from a rich chocolate tone to a more intermediate tan to what would be considered a traditional nude.

The caption of the middle installment of the series sums up the line’s aim in this way:

 “Seven shades of nude ensure every woman can meet her match.”

To shop the collection, click here.


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